Sunday, April 13, 2008

Theory Hazit - Extra Credit

Theory Hazit - Extra Credit (2007)

01. Lesson In Power
02. Gossip Synopsis
03. Mrs. Hazit
04. Emit Gninrut (Turning Time)
05. I Just Wanna Go Home
06. Dumb Dunces feat. K-Drama
07. Extra Credit
08. Hello Kiddeez
09. T-Minus Ten
10. After School Special feat. Sojourn, Just Me
11. I.O.U. feat. Braille
12. Another Day
13. Decisions feat. Sivion, Holmskillit
14. Out With a Bang feat. Sharlok Poems
15. Ghetto


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

extra thanx
got 2 find the past projects he did please
keep looking to ur blog who's one of my favorite...
last question : do u know if
real hiphopheadz blog (a german compatriot) as reappear with an other name??
bonjour de s etienne(fr)