Monday, May 18, 2015

EMC – The Tonite Show (2015)

01 The Departure (Skit) [feat. Masta Ace, Wordsworth & Isabelle Camenzind]
02 Fly Thoughts (feat. Pearl Gates)
03 The Opening (Skit) [feat. Russell Peters & Tonedeff]
04 The Monologue
05 The Green Room (Skit) [feat. DJ Danica, Pearl Gates, Masta Ace & Wordsworth]
06 Stoopid (feat. B-Real)
07 The Male Groupie (Skit) [feat. James “Faiz” Williams & Masta Ace]
08 Moopies (feat. Sadat X)
09 The Couch (Skit) [feat. Russell Peters & Rosie Perez]
10 Signtology (feat. Dion)
11 Triple Threat (feat. Powermalu)
12 The Car Jack (Skit) [feat. Bklyn Science & Stricklin]
13 It Ain’t Easy (feat. Marlon Saunders)
14 I Like You Like (feat. Strickie Love)
15 Scream (feat. Pav Bundy)
16 The Math Man (Skit) [feat. Russell Peters, Timoor Anunnaki & Rosie Perez]
17 Numbers (feat. Xzibit)
18 Tony’s Room (Skit) [feat. Masta Ace, Bob Power & Tony Rock]
19 Spun a Web (feat. Tu Kora)
20 Away from Love (feat. Signif)
21 The Closing (Skit) [feat. Russell Peters & Steve “The Angry Merch Guy”]
22 Outtakes

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