Sunday, April 29, 2007

Arts the Beatdoctor - Transitions (2007)

  1. Blending Quality
  2. The Anthem feat. Pete Philly
  3. Laughs Drinks Jokes Tricks
  4. Revolve feat. Esther
  5. Crazy Times feat. Skiggy Rapz
  6. Split Personality pt.1 feat. Sense
  7. All Of Us feat. Pete Philly
  8. Fragments
  9. Decreasing Daylight
  10. Transitions feat. The Proov
  11. Irreversible
  12. Remember
  13. Reprise
  14. Mellow Drama
  15. The Zone feat. Pete Philly


Anonymous said...

This is NOT HIP-HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

abstract jazz with some rap elements

Anonymous said...

the dopest shit i have heard in a minute!dope just like blu and dj exile, emanon and petephilly perquisite

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