Thursday, November 15, 2007

Macklemore - The Language Of My Own World

1. Intro
2. White Privilege
3. B-Boy
4. Claimin' The City (Feat. Abyssinian Creole)
5. Fake I.D.
6. Hold Your Head Up (Feat. Xperience)
7. Ego
8. Inhale Deep
9. Bush Song
10. Good For You (Feat. Step Cousins)
11. I Said Hey
12. Penis Song
13. The Magic
14. City Don't Sleep (Feat. Don-P)
15. Love Song (Feat. Evan Roman)
16. Remember High School
17. Contradictions (Feat. Evan Roman)
18. Soldiers
19. As Soon As I Wake Up (Feat. Step Cousins)
20. My Language


DeeMGenius said...

Like for me this is one of the best albums in 2005, and Macklemore is really underrated artist, what is sad.

k:p: said...


T-Rich said...

Bet you guys are laughing now, I know I am haha.