Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grieves - Irreversible

Grieves - Irreversible

01. Fly Away
02. Unedible
03. Bottom of the Bottle
04. He Won't Answer
05. I Ate Your Soul feat.P Smoov
06. Irreversible feat.Mr. Lif
07. *Skit*
08. Capitol Hills Girls (that look like Capitol Hills Boys) feat.P Smoov
09. Front Foot Planted feat.Symmetry, Type
10. Another Love feat.Helen Chance
11. Scar Gardens
12. Get Down
13. Half Empty
14. Rebecca
15. If Luck Was a Lady
16. The Room We Hide In feat.Mad Son, Kublakai
17. Lazt Kall feat.Type, Rik Rude, P Smoov
18. Heroin Music

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Jay said...

Yo! ich spreche keine deutsch, aber du hast ein sehr schönes website. Keep hiphop alive!