Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Surreal & DJ Balance - Future Classic

Surreal & DJ Balance - Future Classic (2006)

01. Intro
02. Rebirth of Skill
03. Each Step
04. Car And A Job (feat. Ohmega Watts, Sojourn)
05. One Man Band
06. Can't Stop the Bumrush
07. Moment in Time
08. The Proof (feat. Absalom)
09. What Is It?
10. Writing 101
11. Permanent Ink (feat. Braille, Sivion)
12. Speak Facts
13. Yeah Boy (feat. Theory Hazit)
14. Let the Horns Blow (feat. Sivion)


Anonymous said...

Really DOPE SHIT ! Amazing album! Thanks a lot man.

Greetings from Ukraine =)

VisionarY said...

yeah finally someones appriciating to this lp... i love it :) greetz back from germany

Dr Micheni said...

Is it possible for you to get me that link? I recently discovered this dude; I've been sleeping on him long enough. Holla at @mmmicheni, then resend the link. Thanks! Greetings from Nairobi!