Friday, April 11, 2008

Giant Panda - Fly School Reunion

Giant Panda - Fly School Reunion (2005) 

01. Rap Attack Intro (prod. by Chikaramanga)
02. One Time (prod. by Newman)
03. With It (prod. by Chikaramanga) 
04. Super Fly (prod. by Thes One)
05. Just Cause (prod. by Newman)
06. Diggin In The Tapes (prod. by Sir Kado)
07. 90's (prod. by Newman) 90's Outro (prod. by Thes One)
08. Sho' Improve (prod. by Ben Gebhardt)
09. Chops (prod. by Newman)
10. Grand Prix (prod. by Chikaramanga)
11. Always Dope (prod. by Newman)
12. 3rd Party (prod. by Thes One)
13. Racisit (prod. by Newman)
14. T.K.O. (prod. by Chikaramanga)
15. Strings (prod. by Chiakaramanga)
16. Classic Rock (prod. by Ben Gebhardt

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