Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Memphis Reigns & D-Mitch Present - Skeleton Crew Diaries (2009)

Memphis Reigns & D-Mitch Present - Skeleton Crew Diaries (2009)


1. It’s Raining Outside
2. City With No Name
3. Resurrection
4. Post Script to Mars ft. Hypoetical
5. Night Before Christmas
6. $5 Shake
7. Revenge of the Puppets ft. Brian Moon
8. Mad Hatter
9. Nightmares
10. Smile of the Black Dahlia
11. Eschaton
12. Goldfishin’


Devise said...

Real nice.

missionair said...

wow, this album is amazing! thanks for posting

D-Mitch said...

Thanks for spreading this around!

hypoetical said...

yo, Memphis Reigns and I have a new Mind Mechanics EP out called "Allied Forces"


Feel free to spread it using your site.


chris burgoon said...
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chris burgoon said...

Just found out about tgese guys, and I am very impressed.I listen to 90's hip hop because there really isn't TOO much hip hop today that can match, but I'm feeling this and I want to find more music by this crew