Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wax Tailor - Hope And Sorrow (2007)

Wax Tailor - Hope And Sorrow (2007)
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01-Wax Tailor - Once Upon A Past
02-Wax Tailor - The Way We Lived (Feat. Sharon Jones)
03-Wax Tailor - The Games We Play (Feat. Voice)
04-Wax Tailor - The Tune
05-Wax Tailor - The Man With No Soul (feat. Charlotte Savary)
06-Wax Tailor - Radio Broadcast
07-Wax Tailor - Positively Inclined (Feat. Asm And Marina Quaisse)
08-Wax Tailor - Sometimes
09-Wax Tailor - House Of Wax (Feat. The Others)
10-Wax Tailor - Beyond Words
11-Wax Tailor - To Dry Up (Feat. Charlotte Savary)
12-Wax Tailor - We Be (Feat. Ursula Rucker)
13-Wax Tailor - That Case
14-Wax Tailor - There Is Danger
15-Wax Tailor - Alien In My Belly (Feat. Charlotte Savary)

Video-preview to this LP:

Wax Tailor - Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies (2005)

Wax Tailor - Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies (2005)
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1. Behind The Curtain (Opening)
2. Que Sera
3. Ungodly Fruit
4. Between Fellows
5. Hypnosis Theme
6. Damn That Music Made My Day
7. Where My Heart's At
8. Birth Of A Struggle
9. Am I Free
10. Ringing Score
11. I Don't Know
12. Our Dance
13. Stay Tuned
14. Walk The Line
15. A Woman's Voice
16. Don't You Remember
17. How I Feel
18. Behind The Disguise (Closing)

Wax tailor - Que Sera (video)

Wax Tailor one of the greatest DJ´s ever in my oppinion! If you ever get the chance to see him live, don´t miss it! I´ve seen him at the Hip Hop Kemp 2008 and it was a really amazing show! If you don´t know him, well here´s your chance ;)


Supremestep said...

Love him ;)

royce said...

Wax Tailor is one of the greatests, and his first LP is a classic!
You have a nice taste of hiphop, greetings from Budapest Hungary!

susan said...

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Alex said...

Thanks for the post! Been in love with Wax Tailor since a French friend first played me their tracks. Big up from West Coast, United States!

ahmed said...
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ahmed said...

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