Monday, February 16, 2009

Afro Samurai - Game (Soundtrack)

Afro Samurai - Game (O.S.T.) new link


Agustus ThElefant - Blood Shed (prod. JustLuv)
Unknown Artist - Can You Top That
Unknown Artist - Come On
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 1
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 2
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 3
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 4
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 5
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 6
Unknown Artist - Im Going To Get-Cha
Agustus ThElefant - Kimono Dance (prod. JustLuv)
Big Koont - Nothing Personal
Agustus ThElefant - Numifiy (prod. JustLuv)
Unknown Artist - One Try
Unknown Artist - Soul of The Samurai
Unknown Artist - Subliminal
Unknown Artist - Swoop
Agustus ThElefant - When The Smoke Clears (prod. JustLuv)


Anonymous said...

beats by RZA

Koma said...

i've found the soundtrack also on torrent, and there's no clue about the MCs and the beatmaking. Guess most of the beats are from RZA but i want to find infos too ! I'm searching deeply on the internet but still haven't found any info.

RZA beats are dope on this soundtrack. A little bit less thant on the anime/movie soundtrack but it rocks !

Anonymous said...

Augustus ThElephant did "Blood Shed", "Kimono Dance", "Numify", & "When The Smoke Clears" I might be missing one song.

All of these tracks with Augustus are produced by JustLuv

Anonymous said...

Not all RZA. According to Wikipedia:

"The RZA is credited as music director, but due to time constraints, he was unable to contribute fully. Instead he told the team how he went about scoring Afro Samurai, and put them in contact with various individuals to assist them in delivering a sound similar to what he created for the Anime. He did, however, send the team a couple of tracks to use in the game."

Awesome soundtrack nonetheless.

Kornbread said...

The beats arent from RZA, if you read the opening credits, they were inspired from him. He didnt prodice them. I really hate it when people dont get their facts straight. If you got a problem IM me and we'll discuss this matter

Mr. Wasted said...

thanx man i was looking for nothing personal

Mr. Wasted said...

thanx dude