Saturday, April 11, 2009

Afro Samurai - Game O.S.T. (Update)

Afro Samurai - Game (O.S.T.) new link
Agustus ThElefant - Blood Shed (prod. JustLuv)
Unknown Artist - Can You Top That
Unknown Artist - Come On
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 1
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 2
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 3
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 4
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 5
Unknown Artist - Fight Groove 6
Unknown Artist - Im Going To Get-Cha
Agustus ThElefant - Kimono Dance (prod. JustLuv)
Big Koont - Nothing Personal
Agustus ThElefant - Numifiy (prod. JustLuv)
Unknown Artist - One Try
Unknown Artist - Soul of The Samurai
Unknown Artist - Subliminal
Unknown Artist - Swoop
Agustus ThElefant - When The Smoke Clears (prod. JustLuv)


Anonymous said...
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VisionarY aka Lynguistic said...

so i got this word from "agustus thelefant" who did 4 songs on the soundtrack, he said:"As far as other artists on the game "its nothing personal" was done by Big Koont of Solo Soldier Records. Solo Soldier and my crew, Lost Tribe Productions, came together to form Bridgeside Productions in a joint venture to take on this musical score. RZA in fact had very little to do with the development or contribution to the music, although did look over all the music submitted to ensure it was up to par. There was another guy outa sac that did a song, but not sure his name.. For the most part I just fulfilled my contract and assumed that my involvement with the game would benifit my career... although, RZA slapped his name on the game, and credit was not given where it was do. 400,000 copies sold and no one knows who made the music. Half the kids on youtube think that RZA rapping on the tracks... pffff... classic case of kids eating what they're spoon fed.