Friday, April 3, 2009

The Coalition Crew- Known Unknowns

The Coalition Crew- Known - Unknowns NEW LINK RAR

Known Disc 1:

01. Cheers
02. Backlash
03. Hazardous (feat. MrLaneous)
04. Another Day in the Life (feat. Masta Ace, Wordsworth & Lazy Grey)
05. Gaining Momentum (feat. Kel & Rainman)
06. Thriftysense (feat. Tommy Illfigga)
07. Um An Ah (feat. Raman, Skinz & Rainman)
08. Unconscious Incompetence (feat. Donald Rumsfeld)

Unknowns Disc 2:

01. Catch of the Day
02. Free Enterprise
03. Brainwashed (feat. Raman)
04. Freedom Is Beautiful (feat. George W. Bush)
05. Change Something (feat. Kel, Surreal & Skinz)
06. Vultures (feat. Kings Konekted)
07. Leave Marks (feat. Trevellyn)
08. Full Lives

Known Unknowns features a huge range of local and international MC's including Masta Ace, Wordsworth and Lazy Grey as well as live instrumentation from some seriously dope musicians. Plus appearances by some of the most notorious war criminals in recent history! Its been a long time between drinks, but you all are gonna get maggot off these all new insightful Co Crew bangers!!!

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