Friday, May 1, 2009

Input - Elusive Candor (2006)

new link Input - Elusive Candor (2006)

01 Minneapolis Crunk
02 Voices
03 Art Of Humility
04 Now And Never More feat. Astronautalis
05 Authentic Representation
06 Althered Sphere
07 Shoebox Admissions
08 Look Around Ya
09 Road Sex feat. Sentence
10 Live Like You're Drunk
11 Lucid Emotions
12 Kill It
13 Mind Over Matter feat. James Two
14 Train Wreck
15 Twiddle Your Thumbs feat. Time
16 Waiting, Watching, Waisting Ink
17 Elusive Candor

Track 12 "Kill It" is a little screwed up, 2 sec are missing...I cutted it together as good as I could. But better 2 seconds missing, as the 0:50 min version you can find on the other blogs ;) hope you can although enjoy it - and when anybody got the whole track in good quality, please give it to me.

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