Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wax Tailor - In The Mood For Life

Wax Tailor - In The Mood For Life new rar

01. City Vapors
02. Dragon Chasers (feat Charlotte Savary)
03. Already begun (skit)
04. B-Boy on Wax (feat Speech Defect)
05. Street Scent (skit)
06. No Pity
07. Dry Your Eyes (feat Sara Genn)
08. Masquerade Theme (skit)
09. Until Heaven Stops the Rain (feat Mattic)
10. More Songs (skit)
11. Leave It (feat Dionne Charles)
12. Escape Theme (skit)
13. Go Without Me (feat Charlotte Savary)
14. This Train (feat Voice & Ali Harter)
15. Sit & Listen
16. Fireflies (feat Charlotte Savary & Mattic)
17. Say Yes (feat ASM)
18. I Own You (feat Charlie Winston)
19. Greenfields (feat Charlotte Savary)


empsy said...

dope blog, real hip hop, keept it real man, thanks for all the albums link


quinntessential123 said...

Hey there I am a 19 year old experimental hip hop producer hailing from San Francisco who goes by the name of "The Postmodern Escape Artist". Although I do love me some J-dilla, my main influences are more towards movie-esque hip hop artist such as DJ Shadow, RJD2, Wax Tailor, and Dan the Automator. I myself give my music a cinematic touch by utilizing themes such as 1940's hollywood b&w romance, b movie sci fi and horror, film noir, and even vintage kung-fu movies.

I recently released a free for download Mini Lp entitled "Last Train To Nowhere" which includes both sampled based and originally composed works. It's overall feel is downtempo and incorporates elements of Bossa Nova , hollywood classic string music, trip hop, and electronica. I thought you guys might like to hear it since I see you have posted similar music on your blog.

A teaser video I made by remixing footage from Humphrey Bogart's Casablanca and Audrey Hepburn's Sabrina for a stand out track ("The Lonely" ) is avaliable at

and my free albums can be found at

apologies for making such a long comment but couldn't find email.

But thanks for reading, and I appreciate the support.

hope to hear from you soon,

The Postmodern Escape Artist