Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SonReal - The Stroll (2009)

SonReal - The Stroll (2009)

01. Victory feat. Rufus & Eternia
02. Who Am I
03. Lone Ranger
04. What If feat. Promise & Kyauna
05. Just Honest
06. Dont Own Me feat. Joe Scudda & Elohim Marino
07. Render Your Heart
08. You feat. TassNata
09. Strollude (The Transition) feat. Lindsay Reid
10. Dont Fall Asleep feat. John Wilson
11. Fast Forward Rewind
12. That’s Okay feat. John Wilson


rescuethefool said...

i joined blogspot just to comment and show the love!
appreciate the shit you guys are doin! spreadin the love of underpaid and underground artists! keep doin what you're doin! thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thx we really appreciate that. unortunatly there are many other people that see us like traitors, and that we killing the music with sharing it... i think if there weren´t sites like ours many great artists will never be heared...