Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flight Distance – Bad Information (2011)

1.The Rise Of The Siamese Skull 01:08
2.info-pop_outbreak 04:36
3.Black Hole Of Calkuta 01:30
4.I Can Spot One A Mile Away 03:31
5.No Sweet Tooth 02:57
6.God Helmet (Interlude) 00:49
7.My Bloody Valentine feat. Sound Of Lions 03:25
8.Stephen Hawking feat. Escrol 03:58
9.Shiva Wire 03:11
10.Blanket Party 02:54
11.Foreign Objects feat. Crack Moses, Lay-D Shelz & Soul Khan 04:07
12.The Bad Son (Interlude) 01:05
13.Frank Stallone 03:03
14.Full Circle feat. Qwel 05:26
15.That's Big 02:21
16.All Crushed Under The Same Terrible Wheel 02:59
17.When The Satellites Fall feat. Escrol 04:27
18.Can't Sleep When I'm Sober 04:56



Abstracto said...

thank you foe posting this! I just discovered Flugh Distance and I'm f*ckin amazed! Respect from Portugal!

Abstracto said...
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