Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tygastyle (of Masstapeace) – Father Of The Year (2011)

1. Intro (Month of May)
2. Memory Lane (Produced By: Skammadix)
3. Claiming What’s Mine (feat. Gee.ko) (Produced By: Beats for Food)
4. The Poison and the Remedy (feat. Lateb) (Produced By: Skammadix)
5. Windows Down (feat. Kali, Termanology, Axe & Planetary) (Produced By: MTK)
6. Feel You, Feeling Me (Produced By: Skammadix)
7. Best Years (Produced By: Weirdo)
8. Ring Leader (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
9. On A Mission (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
10. Father’s Day Interlude (Produced By: DC The Midi Alien)
11. Dangerous Living (feat. Lawrence Arnell) (Produced By: J Phaytul)
12. Follow the Rules (feat. Illicit & Mic Stlyz) (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
13. You Can Find Me (feat. J’You) (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
14. Ghost’s in My Closet (Produced By: Skammadix)
15. Outro (Father of the Year)
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