Friday, December 28, 2012

Robust – Fillin In The Potholes (2012)

Robust – Fillin In The Potholes (2012)

01. Fillin In The Potholes (prod. by Max)
02. Soloist (prod. by Robust)
03. Northern Soul (prod. by Meaty Ogre)
04. High Road (prod. by Void Pedal)
05. Loop Dreams (prod. by Robust)
06. All I Do (prod. by DJ Alo)
07. Remember When (prod. by DJ PNS)
08. I Wake Up (prod. by Maker)
09. Spare Change (prod. by Meaty Ogre)
10. How Ya Livin?? (prod. by Max)
11. Polluted Views (prod. by Jackson Jones)
12. Tortured Soul (prod. by Meaty Ogre)
13. Driftwood (prod. by Pore)
14. What’s Your World (prod. by Pore)
15. Pressure (prod. by DJ Alo)
16. Realism (prod. by Pore)

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