Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gavlyn – Modest Confidence (2014)

01. Modest Confidence
02. All Too Well
03. Bigger Picture
04. Search And Destroy
05. Forward Back
06. Things We Couldn’t Mention
07. Guilty Pleasure
08. Cheaters feat. EQ
09. New Space feat. Uncle Dee
10. G.O.D
11. Take Over
12. Cuz It Look Like Skit
13. Oo Cold To Trust

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Tanisha Workman said...

What photographer introduced both Buffie 'the body' Carruth and Kim Eternity [Kim Hines] to the publics notice. And who is fiollowed by groups as different as Dr. Dre [rapper] and Amy Auslander [fashion designer]. And has just blown the doors off the rap and hip-hop communities with his lyrics...Marc Breed