Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lifemc – Gift Of Life (2013)

01. Intro
02. A Message
03. Beat Smashers Ft Reveal
04. Clap Ya Hands
05. Next Dimension Comprehension Ft Tenchoo
06. Arctic Flow Ft Res One
07. Pictures of Poetry
08. Power of the Mind Ft Genesis Elijah
09. L.I.F.E.
10. Real Flavour
11. Survival Mode
12. The Champ “Ode to Larry”
13. The Right Path Ft Micall Parknsun
14. Doctrine of the System
15. So Glad
16. Sound Bwoy Killers Ft Buggsy
17. Too Much Ft Amanda Seal
18. Truth Speaker
19. What I Say
20. Outro


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