Friday, June 17, 2016

Ill Bill – Septagram (2016)

Ill Bill – Septagram (2016)

01. Trailer (Intro)
02. Make Them Die Slowly
03. Omar Suarez feat. Goretex
04. Feed Of The Morning feat. Jise One
05. Getcha Shit Together feat. Q-Unique
06. Embrace Your Satan feat. Goretex
07. Septagram
08. Manson Vs. Berkowitz feat. Q-Unique
09. Clockwork Burgundy feat. Goretex
10. The Cycle feat. William Cooper & Trife Diesel
11. Spumoni Gardens feat. Q-Unique
12. The Hard Way feat. Slaine & Lawrence Arnell

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Amber and Jason Szklarek said...

How can I hear your music? If you're looking for instrumentals peep me out at