Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Loptimist - 22 Channels

fixed it
Loptimist - 22 Channels (2007)

01. Intro
02. New Vision
03. Black Cancer Feat. Dead P
04. Ocean To Ocean Feat. Unknown Prophets
05. 눈물샘 Feat. 나찰 of 가리온, 대팔
06. WETHEREAL Feat. Phebruary
07. 85 Paradise Feat. Sol Flower
08. Hard Hittin Feat. UnderClassMen
09. Love Feat. BlackLiszt
10. No Doubt Feat. Deepflow
11. Dear.unknown Feat. Wimpy
12. La Repondeur (Interlude) Feat. Deaf Switch & Toon
13. KO Is The Name Feat. The Legendary K.O.
14. Struggle To Rise Feat. Sick Status
15. Nostalgia Feat. Addsp2ch
16. Last For One Feat. 배치기
17. (Loptimistic Remix) Feat. UMC
18. Illest Form Feat. UnderClassMen
19. Coffee Break
20. The Triumph Feat. Simon Dominic
21. Like They Used To Feat. D.Randle of The Legendary K.O.
22. Keep On Rockin Feat. SIDE-B
23. Hidden Agenda Feat. Braille
24. Outro


The Funk Junkie said...

pretty good, never heard of those guys before but there's a couple dope beats.

Андрей Му said...



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