Friday, September 21, 2012

Deca - The Hedonist

1. Second Time 04:28
2. The Hedonist 05:04
3. Blackboard Jungle ft Mane Rok, Ichiban & Pablo Kee (Debajo Del Agua) 05:36
4. Gemstar 04:48
5. No More ft PAAS 05:08
6. Strung Out Dreamer 03:28
7. Strange Times 04:01
8. Heaven ft BDBeyond and Ase 04:43
9. Aquarium 03:47
10. Caged Bird ft Adam Waltner & Ichiban 04:00
11. The Breaks 03:27
12. Sideshow Freak 02:55
13. Lady Ice ft Yonnas Abraham (The Pirate Signal) 04:45
14. Still Got Another Day 04:03
15. Bonus Track: Homage ft Young-2Da) 02:07
16. Bonus Track: China White 03:39

download from bandcamp 


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Diego Moreno said...

please reupload this album.