Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Matlock – 2707 (2010)

01. 2707 (prod. by DJ Monky)
02. Brand New Nikes (prod. by Mr. Green)
03. Please Do (prod. by Custom)
04. Knife & Fork (prod. by DJ Monky)
05. Blaze It Up feat. EC illa, Wes Restless & Psalm One (prod. by Prolyfic)
06. God vs. Money (prod. by Kaz One)
07. The Legend of Billy Boombox (prod. by Custom)
08. This Is For You (prod. by Custom)
09. I Don’t Play That feat. Southkid & Young Zee (prod. by Ben Rosen)
10. Margo’s Song (prod. by Wes Restless)
11. Bright Sunny Day (prod. by Ben Rosen)
12. Priceless feat. Werdz, PaceWon & JUICE (prod. by Mr. Green)
13. Honky Kong (prod. by Kaz One)
14. Days I Remember feat. Wes Restless (prod. by Wes Restless)
15. Last Train (prod. by Heartbeat)

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