Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dirt Platoon – Bare Face Robbery (2015)

01. The Sit Down (prod. by Mil)
02. Old Album (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
03. Admire (prod. by DJ Low Cut)
04. Bare Face Robbery (prod. by Tom Delay)
05. Emotions (prod. by DJ Brans)
06. Our House (prod. by Venom)
07. Inmate (prod. by Macabeats)
08. View From The Bottom (prod. by Tom Delay)
09. ’86 Ushers Anniversary Picnic feat. Fel Sweetenberg (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
10. Garbage Can (prod. by DJ Brans)
11. Weep (prod. by DJ Brans)
12. Killing Machines feat. Nutso (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
13. Peak Performers (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)

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